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DE LOREAN - the man, the
company, the car

fter 25 years of spectacular personal
accomplishments in the automotive
industry, John Z. DeLorean was con-
vinced that it was possible to build a
car with a useful life of more than just a few
years. A total performance car that would be
economical to run and safe to drive, without
compromising quality and comfort for price.
With the founding of the De Lorean Motor
Company in 1975, he set out to prove it could
be done
It was an ambitious project, and only experts
were called to the task. Top engineers and
designers rendered the De Lorean concept with
vision and foresight using corrosion resistant
materials and new technology, and in just a 
few short years the dream began to take shape.

There is a new car on the road today. A car
built with great care and commitment; a car
that defies convention and challenges the
future. long-awaited transportation revolution
has now begun, and a leader has emerged
to show us the way . . . the De Lorean

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