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DE LOREAN - where it all comes

he DeLorean Motor Company's
assembly subsidiary is situated on a
carefully planned 72 acre site in Dun-
murry, Northern Ireland. Five major
structures comprising more than 650,000
square feet have been designed and equipped
exclusively for the assembly and testing of the
De Lorean. But extensive use of advanced pro-
duction technology is not the plant's only

Worker environment has been a special con-
sideration at the De Lorean plant, from initial
design through the production today. Unlike

the traditional assembly method in which each
worker repeats a single, monotonous task again
and again, De Lorean employees perform
several different jobs as members of a team.
The absence of congestion and assembly-line
pits add to the pleasant working atmosphere. This
extra attention to the personal satisfaction and
pride of accomplishment of the De Lorean
labor force is clearly reflected in the most tangible
way: the consistently superior quality of
workmanship you can expect to find in every
De Lorean

Total comfort, total performance, total commitment
. . . totally De Lorean

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