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DE LOREAN - engineered for total

t's more than just the end result of
clever engineering and good
workmanship - total performance is
the absolute standard against which
each individual De Lorean component must be
judged. A good example of this is the special
treatment of the all-steel backbone chassis. It is
actually sealed in fusion-bonded epoxy to pro-
tect it from corrosion. Or the way the 35/65
rear weight bias enables fully independent
suspension to combine with rack and pinion
steering for fast, sensitive handling response
 that needs no power assistance. T really let
you feel the road - not just follow it!
Nestles within the arms of the rugged
backbone chassis, there's a healthy and fuel-
efficient 2.85 liter V6 power plant that employs
Bosch K-Jetronic mechanical fuel injection and
develops 130 SAE net horsepower at 5500 rpm.
So whether you've selected the standard full
synchro 5 speed transmission of the optional 3
speed automatic, you're in for a thoroughly
rewarding experience when you drive a 
De Lorean

Performing also means a 4-wheel disc braking
system for progressive, fade-free stopping
power. NCT steel belted radials for sure trac-
tion when it counts. Both of which become an
integral part of the De Lorean driving

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