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Interior Pictures, Page Two

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These are the center console controls.  I covered up the clock that usually appears to the right of the dimmer switch . . .didn't really ever use it. the 2 buttons are for the headlights and the hazard blinkers.  There are also A/C - heating controls (temperature, vent selection, and fan speed)
These are the controls on the passenger side door.  The blank are is used to adjust the mirrors on the drivers door.
This is the door pull strap. Later model DeLorean's had this built in.  I don't use mine, but it does come in handy with "the little people"
This is a close-up of the drivers seat.  I replaced both seats about a month or 2 ago.  Notice they still have the "ripple" effect.
This is a shot of the extension cap (also new) that fits onto the end of the arm rest extension.  Later model DeLorean had a solid piece, as opposed to the 2 piece you can see here.
This is the foot well of my car (minus the floor mats).  The cars have 2 no-skid / protection mats in the carpet.
This is a shot of the glove box (on the top right of the dashboard). I have added a stainless steel DMC label to dress up the interior a bit.
the bottom picture shows the only dash damage, 2 small cracks in the upper right corner.  The binnacle was replaced not to long ago due to sun damage

Interested in seeing a particular part of the DeLorean? If so please e-mail Michael and I will try to get it put on as quickly as possible. Thanks for your interest.

Pg. 1  Pg. 2  Pg. 3  Pg. 4  Pg. 5

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