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Interior Pictures, Page One

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this is the ashtray . . .exciting, huh?  In my car, this is the "coin holder"
These are shots of the back ledge (behind the seats) and the Rockford Fosgate bass cannon I have installed in the car. These show the ledge from both the drivers side and the passenger side
if you tilt the passenger seat forward, you will see the area where the battery lives.  Lifting up the carpet shows the battery access cover, with cool labels like, "IMPORTANT this vehicle is NEGATIVE EARTH"  Nifty
the parking brake is located on the left side of the drivers seat . . .takes a little getting used to (I kept reaching for it in the center of the car)
This shows the corner of one of the black car mats I have in the car
this is the Alpine CD Changer that is stored in the compartment behind the drivers seat. (pictures on one of the subsequent pages).
This is a shot of the instrument cluster from the left side.  The next four pictures show the components of the cluster from left to right
On the left side of the instrument cluster, you have not only a cool DMC logo, but also your seat-belt and door ajar warning lights, your volt meter, and a temperature gauge
The Speedometer!  (Notice under 50,000 on the odometer).  This speedometer is one of only 3 known Factory Original speedometers that were originally supposed to be installed in the cars, but had to be changed due to the oil embargo debacle 
The Tachometer. Vroom, Vroom

One the right side of the instrument cluster, you have gauges for oil pressure and fuel level. There are also several warning lights (Lambda sensor, alternator, etc.)

Interested in seeing a particular part of the DeLorean? If so please e-mail Michael and I will try to get it put on as quickly as possible. Thanks for your interest.

Pg. 1  Pg. 2  Pg. 3  Pg. 4  Pg. 5

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