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Accessories - Factory produced and beyond

Image Part # Description
A2000020 There were two different pinstripes available from the factory for the De Lorean.  This is a thin gray pinstripe with the DMC Logo imbedded in it.  This ran above the black side stripes (fairly close to the hood in the front).  The second pinstripe was a wider black strip (also with the imbedded DMC logo).  This one was installed right under the black side molding. See these and the other factory produces accessories from the original Accessories Sheet
N/A An aftermarket add-on (originally sold, I believe, by DeLorean One). These are stainless steel "DE LOREAN" letters that fit on the back bumper.  This is a true eye catcher.  These can now be purchased from De Lorean Steel Products in Germany.
A3000010 Roof Rack! For a De Lorean? Sure, although not mounted on the roof (it sits over the louvers).  The roof rack is an essential part of the De Lorean.  Not only is it good for taking trips, but it becomes essential if you get a flat tire while driving with a passenger.  Without the roof rack, you have to make a decision: Which goes with you, passenger or tire.  Can't do both.  Also available were Ski attachments for the roof rack (Part number  A3000011). again, check this out on the Original Accessories Sheet.
W300002 (BLK)
W300006 (GRY)
The original side bolster was leather, and along with the above mentioned production change, was subject to excessive wearing (too many fat butts rubbing it while entering and exiting the car) :)~  A nice accessory is a simple plastic "cap" that fits over the end of the bolster covering up the wear.
N/A In addition to the SS 304 Letters that can be added to the back bumper, also available are letters that can be added to the door sills and are visible when the doors are open.  These, along with other goodies, are available from De Lorean Steel Products in Germany.
SS Labels N/A I have only seen these listed on E-Bay (and bought a set for my car). these are recreations of all of the labels on the car, but printed on Stainless Steel.  Very classy!
A1000019 (GRY)
A1000020 (BLK)
Originally available only in black, these floor mats help create a "finished" look in any De Lorean.  These can now be purchased in either black or gray from De Lorean Motor Company. (click to be directed to there online parts ordering system). 
JZ00010 John DeLorean Hood Ornament:
A very rare item, this is a hood ornament in the shape of John DeLorean's head.  It attached with a clip  just in front of the hood.  This is an iron type ornament and gives the De Lorean the true look of it's creator (just kidding...I couldn't resist...there is no such thing. Thanks to Tom Tait for the image).
N/A An item that is missing in the DeLorean is a cup holder. There is no place in the center console for one, and the kind that clip on to the window are not very practical in these cars as they would be upside down with the door open.  These are the solution - they clip on to the side of the center console and open up to accept cups. (as of 1/18/2006 these are available at


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