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Welcome to the Quintessential DeLorean Website Contest!

This is your chance to win your choice of one of the items in my web store that is under $20.00 (check it out here).

The contest this month is as follows:

Best DeLorean Story!!

Since I had so much fun reading entries the last time I did this, I am looking for funny/entertaining/whatever DeLorean stories. Tell me about something funny that happened at a car show, tell me about buying your car, about seeing your first DeLorean, whatever. How do you win? It is completely subjective, make me laugh, smile, cry, whatever and I will pick the winner . . . e-mail your story to

Entries must me received by midnight (Eastern time) on the last day of the month (Friday September 30th)  to be considered. I will try to notify the winner, and get the next contest out here within the first few days of the next month.

All of the fine print:
By submitting your entry, you are giving me the right to republish the content of that entry on this website (see the past contests for examples of how I use this information).  I will only be picking one entry per month to win, and there is no criteria other than what I like to determine who wins - there is no judging team, just little ole me. The winning person will will be directed to check out the Quintessential DeLorean Webstore and to let me know which item they would like (along with their shipping info) and I will have the item sent as soon as possible (usually takes about a week for manufacture). Enter as many times as you would like!!! If you have any other questions, please just let me know and  will do my best to answer them!

Be sure to check out the past contest entries here.


Good Luck!!!!

This page last modified on Tuesday, April 08, 2008