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Welcome to the August 2005 Quintessential DeLorean Website Contest!

Here was the contest for August of 2005 - it was a DeLorean Trivia Hunt - and all of 2 people entered, each getting one correct. How many could you come up with?  Answers are at the bottom.

  1. For Weitzmanís work on the cocaine trial and for much of the preparation on DeLoreanís Detroit trial, DeLorean paid his lawyer with a San Diego ranch Ė valued at $

  2. Book Quote: "In his own dress DeLorean role-modeled an apparently carefully calibrated willingness to deviate from the dominant cultureís emphasis on fitting in. DeLoreanís dark suits had a cut."

  3. Most people have seen the video tape of the FBI sting where DeLorean states, "Itís better than gold. [laughs] Gold weighs more than that, for Godís sake." What is the last thing that he said just before this famous quote?

  4. Which OíReilly book makes a reference to the DeLoreanís top speed?

  5. Book Quote: "Prior to the trial, Hoffman had demanded % of any of DeLoreanís assets confiscated after his anticipated conviction."

  6. Celebrity question from Ken Koncelik of the DeLorean Car Show: What usually appears on the covers of the DeLorean Car Show Magazine, DCS?

  7. What was the case number for the U.S. Vs DeLorean trial in 1984?

  8. What company manufactured the panels for the prototype?

  9. Fill in the blank from this 1981 magazine article title: "Delightful DeLorean?"

  10. What other vehicle was built in the Belfast area?

  11. According to Hard Driving John DeLorean made $ before leaving General Motors and made $ as the head of the DeLorean Motor Company.

  12. Celebrity question from Rob Grady of PJ Grady (in 2 parts): What year did PJ Grady start operations (then as a GM Dealership)? and how old was Rob when he started working on DeLoreans?

  13. What former IBM financial officer started working for DMC while the company was searching for a manufacturing site?

  14. What do JZD, Diana Ross, Lily Tomlin and Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick all have in common (besides residential proximity)?

  15. The torsion bars in the car were manufactured by Grumman and were cryogenically preset in a process they called ďĒ? 


1:  $2.5 Million
Two: Continental
Three: "All right"
Four: System Performance Tuning
Five: 10%
Six: Faded Asphalt Society Logo
Seven: No.82-910(B)-RMT (C.D.Cal.1984)
Eight:  Milford Fabricated
Nine:  DeLovely
Ten:  The Titanic
Eleven A: $400,000 to $650,000 including bonuses
Eleven B:  $444,000 plus expenses
Twelve A: 1914
Twelve B: 23
Thirteen:   Walter P. Strycker
Fourteen:  All of them went to Cass Tech in Detroit
Fifteen:  crysotwist

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