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Page 3 of our walk back down memory lane. . . 
I really didn't mean to start out each page with a computer, but oh well.  This was the first computer that I ever owned. The Radio Shack, Tandy TRS-80. The coolest part about this machine was that you saved your work on a tape (not a backup tape, an audio tape). You could then play this tape in a cassette player and listen to the data (probably helped mold my brain into the computer living brain that it is today).
I can't believe that I found a picture of this! Affectionately referred to as "Turtle Graphics" by myself and my other kindergarten classmates, this was my first introduction to graphic design.  Produced by Texas Instruments, and officially dubbed LOGO, it used commands like:

Pen Down, forward 25, right 90, forward 25, right 90, forward 25, right 90, forward 25 would give you . . .a square (don't ask about the circles to the left. . .let's just say it was a BUNCH of commands).

The latest in Home Movie technology, a STEREO VCR! This was made by AKIA (ever heard of them?).  Ah, the fun of manually tuning in your TV stations using tiny little dials.  
When was the last time you say a TV with a fake wooden case (at least at the store). Remote Control? You could maybe get this an an option, but only on the pricey models. The TV to the left was manufactured by Zenith.

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