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DeLorean Parking Only sign.  I must get one of these to put up at work.
NICE looking DeLorean
Another DeLorean
All the DeLorean's in a row (about 13 in all) Shot over the hoods of the cars
Looking al all the cars - shot over the engine compartments
Several DeLorean's in the Hilton parking lot
My father (who bravely accompanied me to the event) sitting in my car with me
The three cars in our caravan from North Carolina
A shot of our caravan from the inside of my car (I love this picture)
Wow, I got a pink thing!  This was actually notification that I had won 2nd place in the De Lorean division. Not bad considering I was up against 12 other D's.  Total shock to me.
Here I am in my DeLorean with the guy who gave me my second place award....a cool silver plate.  I Haven't eaten off of it yet, but who knows when the need will arise.
Gassing up the cars.  Think that one DeLorean attracts attention at a gas station?  Try three and see peoples jaws drop.

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