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Raleigh, NC Saint Patrick's Day Parade 2005

The following pictures were taken while getting the car prepped for the parade. Will hopefully have more than one DeLorean next year!

My wife Naomi sitting in the car, waiting for the start of the parade
all shined up and ready to go - was pretty chilly that day!
I made posters for the rear quarter panel glass to show off the DeLorean's heritage.  They turned out much nicer than I had originally thought that they were going to!
We were not the only car "group" - My father drove his Ford Model A in a pack of Model A's

Poker Run

We took place in a local Harley-Davidson poker run in early April. At one of the stops there were supposed to be several classic cars for the bikers to check out while they rested between stops. . . we were the only people that showed up, so the DeLorean was a bit lonely
Basically we just sat by the car and waited for groups of bikers to go by . . .I could think of worse ways to spend a Saturday . . .
With the recent passing of John DeLorean, I figured I had to do SOMETHING with the car to serve as a tribute!

AutoZone Car Show

With the opening of a new AutoZone in Raleigh, they sponsored a car show. amazingly there were over 120 cars that showed up, and we won an award for ""Top 50"
The backside of the DeLorean - all cleaned up and on display (that sounds kinda wrong)
Inside the passenger compartment I had several different DeLorean related book and magazines on display. Always like trying to show different pieces of the cars history at shows.
The glove compartment - with custom DMC sticker in Stainless Steel
Nice and shiny engine - now I just need to get a good stainless steel header bottle . . .
I made a poster with "DeLorean Facts" (based on the one available online from The DeLorean Club of Ohio). There is also a pocket where I place copies of my DeLorean brochure that I hand out at shows.
I ended up closing the hood - just have to have the hood closed to help show off the gull-wing doors.
Here is the D in the group of other cars . . . the cars were placed in the order they arrived as opposed to what class they were in.
There she is, in all her glory!
a recent addition to my car - custom stainless steel labels with my name on them . . .how cool is that!?
The DeLorean always draws a crowd!
Shows the hood - with display books and the DeLorean Facts poster.
The trunk (with luggage rack) - also displaying the DeLorean autobiography, a magazine, and an award i won with the car in 1997.
One of the front wheels - tires all shiny, and the wheel is fairly clean . . these are a pain to get completely clean with the small space between the fins.
 A stitched together panorama of the car show - gives you an idea of the number and type of vehicles that were there.

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