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And now . . .the TRUNK!

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Thumb nail Description
This is the gas car for my car.  It is interesting that I have a locking gas cap, but no gas flap in the hood! You can also see the access point for the brake fluid. . .it's good to have THAT stuff in your car.
This is the lovely spare tire for the car.  I think it would look great to have 4 of these on the D. . . well . . at least they would be easier to clean
In the front of the trunk is a compartment where the jack and other tools are stored.  I also keep parts of the luggage rack and some strap-down cords here.
I was saddened to have to drill a hole in the bottom of the trunk . . but this bolt is used to hold down the luggage rack when not in use
The trunk in all of its glory!
This shows the luggage rack all stowed away in the trunk.
This is the access cap for the windshield washer fluid

Interested in seeing a particular part of the DeLorean? If so please e-mail Michael and I will try to get it put on as quickly as possible. Thanks for your interest.


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