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Factory Original Luggage Rack

Here are the directions that come with the luggage rack....

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DeLorean #A3000010
Part Number:  5379
Instruction AA #813

Luggage Rack Installation Instructions

1. Open rear louver/sunshade and remove louver/sunshade rubber stop on
each side of quarter panel to expose welded lip.
2. Cut out template at bottom of page 2 (illustration). Place template on 
left hand quarter panel ledge using rivets for gas strut mounting
bracket as reference points.  Mark and center punch both upper holes.
Repeat on right hand side quarter panel.  Drill four (4) 1/4" holes
and install hinges using the 10-32 x 1/2" Philips head screws and
nut plates provided.
3. With louver open install rack on top hinge studs using the special
knobs provided and position sliding tube brackets in rack and
to lower hinges (install special knobs).  Position hinges making sure
that the hinge is to the outside of the car as far as possible, all
four should be tight and hinges flat on welded lip.  Mark and center
punch both holes on each hinge.  Remove rack and drill four (4) holes
and install hinge as in note #2.
4. Cut louver/sunshade rubber stop to fit around hinges leaving upper
(visible) part of rubber stop intact.
5. To store rack in trunk, first remove carped and drill one (1) 1/4"
hole centered between the holes shown on illustration "B".  Install
the 1/4-20 x 1" carriage bolt from the bottom up and the 1/4-20 thin
nut.  Replace carpet and cut to allow bolt to protrude through the 
carpet.  Place rack in trunk and install hold down bracket using the
1/4-20 elastic wing nut.

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